Asian Journal of Applied Research

Power Quality Analysis in a Bulk High-tension Industry at Theni, Tamil Nadu

Sahayaraj Arokyasamy1, S. Venkatanarayanan2

Design and Implementation of Maximum Point Power Tracking controller for Grid?connected Photovoltaic System and Analyzing its Performances

C. Karuppasamy1,V. M. Ravi Kumar2, S. Venkatanarayanan3

Optimum Location of Distributed System Using Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm

N. Rajeswari1, S. Venkatanarayanan2, R. Karpaga Priya3, S. Kannan2

Internet of Things Based Monitoring of Fertilizer and Moisture in Agriculture

M. Seema1, S. Venkatanarayanan2, S. M. Kannan2

A Novel Method of Detection and Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy in Fundus Imagery

P. Bhuvaneswari1, R. Banumathi2

Analysis of Various Types of Balanced Voltage Sags

K. R. Ramela, S. Parameswari, S. Venkatanarayanan, S. M. Kannan

Industrial Energy Audit and Improve Power Quality in Solar Energy System

S. Sivakumar, S. Venkatanarayanan, S. M. Kannan

Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Controller?based dc-Link Shunt Compensator in Single-Phase Grid-Connected Mode

M. Nagajothi1, S. Venkatanarayanan2, N. Rajeswari3, S. M. Kannan4

Transform-Based Texture Feature Extraction Techniques

C. Udhaya1, R. Banumathi1

Internet of Things-Based Health Monitoring System Using Microelectromechanical Systems’ Sensor

C. Gayathri1, S. Venkatanarayanan2, R. Karpaga Priya3, M. Kannan2

Sequential Loading of Backup Generator with Load Sharing

P. K. Arun Kumar1, S. Venkatanarayanan2, R. Pragadeesh1, S. Nikhil1, R. Prasanna1, A. Prasanna Venkatesh1, S. M. Kannan2

Gender Classification Using Histogram of Oriented Gradients�Support Vector Machine Classifier

S. Gomathi Meena1, K. G. Srinivasagan2

Analysis and Development of Music Rhythm for LED Flashlight Using Microcontrollers

M. Muthumeenakshi, B. Ishuwarya, N. Andal, A. M. Gayathri, S. Venkatanarayanan, S. M. Kannan

Multi-constraint Fuzzy-based Wireless Sensor Node Communication for Smart Grid

R. Karpaga Priya1, S. Venkatanarayanan2, N. Rajeswari3, S. M. Kannan2

Real-Time Detection of Retinal Detachment and Exudates Using Digital Fundus Image with Superpixel Multi-Feature Classification

R. Priyanka1, J. Kanimozhi1, Vengat Narayanan2, P. Vasuki1

Investigations on Severity Level for Diabetic Maculopathy Based on the Location of Lesions

A. Priyanga1, D. Rajesh Kumar2, S. Venkatanarayanan3, S. M.Kannan3