Asian Journal of Applied Research

Editorial in Chief : Dr. Manoj Gupta
ISSN No. (Online) : 2395-1702
ISSN No. (Print) : 2395-0382
Publication Frequency : Monthly
Language of Publication :   English

For Editors

Editor Guidelines
•Editor of the Editorial Board plays a significant role in maintaining the standards of the journal and peer review. Editor of a journal should take the own responsibility for its reputation and entire content.
•To improve the ways of journal processes, the editor should actively seek the views of editorial board members, reviewers, authors.
•Based on the field of research, editor will assign submitted manuscript to a reviewer for the peer review process.
•The originality of article submissions and to be alert to redundant publication and plagiarism.
•The Editors are requested to send the acknowledgement to respective author after he/she receives the article.
•The editor has complete responsibility and authority to accept a submitted paper for publication or to reject it. The editor may grant to associate editors or reviewers for an evaluation to use in making this decision.
•An editor should respect the intellectual independence of authors.
•Should monitor the process of peer review and take steps to ensure this is of high standard.
•Unpublished information, arguments, or interpretations reveal in a submitted manuscript should not be used in an editor’s own research except with the assent of the author.
•Communicate with reviewers as regularly as possible, according to their availability and give them clear instructions in maintaining quality of the journal.
•The duration for Reviewers to review the manuscript is 30 days.
•The editor will take the final decision for acceptance/rejection of the article based on the suggestions/comments.